Mui Ne School

SAVICE’s Team met to discuss plan for 2013-2014 school year.  The Team agreed to focus more on “Quality” than “Quantity” of Students and drafted a new plan for the coming year.  Phu Hoang, Savice’s Founder, and Quoc Vu, Savice Operations Volunteer in Vietnam, visited a poor school site in Mui Ne.  This school was built in 1957 and its condition today is shown below.  Savice is planning to rebuild it during the summer of 2013.


2012-2013 Scholarship

Savice continues its yearly program to review applications received and approvedscholarships fo2012-2013 school year.  There are 1,227 applications submitted by more than 40 Savice’s Voluntary Representatives throughout the country.  The Scholarship Grant Committee agrees with the following criteria:

  • The Student‘s previous school year grade average must be above 7.
  • The Student must receive positive character assessment; or involved in extra curriculum program at school including volunteer works.
  • The Student must come from a family with hardship, not having ability to pay for school fee.  Savice’s Voluntary Representatives visited student’s home and verified family‘s needs.

Results of assessment and approval:  721 scholarships were awarded to 385 students in secondary school level, 336 student in high school level,  21 first year university students.

Hope for Vietnam’s Children in the Dump

SAVICE’s mission is to create educational opportunity for every Vietnamese child living in deep poverty.  This mission is shared by the Catalyst Foundation founded by Caroline Nguyen Ticarro-Parker.  The Catalyst Foundation works to build schools and communities to fight child trafficking from Vietnam.  The Foundation was recently featured by CNN’s Freedom Project in “Hope for Vietnam’s children of the dump” written by journalist Natalie Allen accessible by clicking here.  To learn more about the Catalyst Foundation, go to their website accessible by clicking here.


Phú Sơn School

In June of this year, one of SAVICE’s sponsors in the US, brought to our attention a real need for a school in the farming area of Phu Son, Hue.   SAVICE’s Operation Team in Vietnam quickly sprung to action and began formal assessments of the area and decided to make recommendations for expansion of an existing school.  Shortly thereafter, the SAVICE team obtained building plans, project estimates, and construction permits.  Less than six months later, the school is ready for use. 

Read more about this successful school building project in our latest newsletter here.

Travel Diaries by SAVICE Volunteers From Their Trips Across Vietnam to Deliver 2011 SAVICE Scholarships

SAVICE volunteers once again fanned out all over Vietnam to reach recipients of SAVICE scholarships for the academic year 2011-2012.  We welcomed new SAVICE volunteers who made the trek for the first time and wrote travel diaries to share with us their experiences.  Once again volunteers traveled by all modes of transportation available to reach our SAVICE students: bus, motorcycle, airplane, and ferry.  Here are some excerpts from their journals:


“We had set the meeting time for 8 am, but the monsoon rain pushed back the students’ arrival time…to when?  We had no idea…Watching students as the made their way back home in the Pleiku rain, I thought about how fortunate for these unfortunate souls, that the open heart that is SAVICE will continue to support the only real chance they have to turn a simple dream of being able to go to school into reality…”  SAVICE volunteer Sang Nguyen


“…The provinces are far apart and I had to take a bus that was supposed to “speed” through the 16 stops between Vinh city and Thanh Hoa…the old ferry was sickly and its engine screamed instead of humming or rumbling…”  New SAVICE volunteer Liem Phan


” The trip is only three short days, but I learned so many things…As the old Vietnamese proverb reads: “a day of journey is a gurney of wisdom learned.”  My life has been more fulfilling ever since I became involved with SAVICE.  SAVICE has given me the opportunity to bring hope for a brighter future to impoverished children, to bring joy to families, and to help parents let go a little more of the hardships in their daily lives.”  New SAVICE volunteer Liem Phan


Read more in our October newsletter here.

SAVICE Charity Golf Tournament Helps Fund 681 Scholarships

This year a total of 681 scholarships were delivered by our enthusiastic volunteers in Vietnam to deserving students all over the country.  SAVICE has accompanied our students on their academic journeys for long enough to see some students beginning their first days in post-secondary institutions.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of our students and we are proud to continue to support their precious dream of simply being able to go to school.


Additionally, SAVICE has continued to financially back feasible and trustworthy school building-projects in remote under-served areas of Vietnam.  A simple one-room school house can support the educational needs of the entire village for many generations to come.  SAVICE is committed to improving living standards by supporting the educational needs of both the individual through our scholarship program, and the community through our school-building program. 


 To read about results of our fundraising efforts,

please see our September newsletter here.

$116,310 Raised for Underprivileged Vietnamese Students

This year’s charity golf tournament was held at

the Mission Viejo Golf Country Club on May 09, 2011.

The event was attended by over 150 golf enthusiasts, who were also generous SAVICE supporters, and volunteers.  Everyone had fun competing on a challenging golf course and enjoyed a delicious dinner buffet while taking in the breathtaking view of the lush green golf course.  Desirable auction items flew off the sales tables.  Awards were handed to deserving and honored recipients.  Exciting sponsorship presentations were big hits with the audience. We raised a total of $116, 310 for underprivileged Vietnamese students, who have the ability but not the means to pursue their dreams.  It was yet another successful yearly event for SAVICE.  We hope that the overwhelming and sincere support for our cause will be sustained and will continue to grow in the years to come.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Our upcoming September newsletter will feature pictures and the winners from our golf tournament.

Stay tuned to read about how we emphasize the “Fun” in “Fundraising”.


SAVICE’s 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament Breaks Fund Raising Record by Almost 40%

San Juan Capistrano, CA – May 4, 2010 – With over 50 sponsors, SAVICE was able to raise over $140,000 in its fourth year, with a total sum of over $475,000 since the organizations establishment in 2006.

Over 200 attendees came out to this year’s tournament held at the exquisite golf course at the Marbella Country Club. After the golfing portion of the evening, attendees enjoyed a fine dinner along with raffle games and prizes. Among the fine prizes included an iPad and Blu-ray DVD player. This year’s winner of the 50/50 raffle, where 50 percent of proceeds go to the charity while the other 50 percent goes to the winner of the raffle, generously donated the winning back to the organization. 

With such kind supporters, the founders of the organization express much gratitude to all those who’s contribution continues to provide the children in Vietnam with the opportunity of an education. SAVICE looks forward to next year to break the half million mark in fund raising dollars.Event Photos

SAVICE announces its 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic on May 9th, 2011

SAVICE will host its 5th Annual Golf Tournament at the prestigious golf course of Mission Viejo Private Country Club in South Orange County, CA. As in previous years, the 2011 tournament will continue the tradition of being FUN, MEMORABLE & CHARITABLE. There will be many prizes, raffles and awards at this year’s event.